The Importance of Background Music in a Store

Just How Important is the Music in a Store?

For hundreds of years now people have been selling goods, in exchange for cash and credit. In the past most customers would have been greeted by the hustle and bustle of market stalls and this in itself became a sound that familiarised potential buyers with their surroundings. These days however, although stalls do still exist, research has shown that the best way to sell to people is by allowing them to buy what they need, whilst in a dedicated space.

Even multiple shops located side by side can be as different as their industries dictate, in fact it was this ability to dedicate shopping spaces that led to the early introduction of malls in Australia.

Cafés and eateries can be lined up alongside retail outlets, and likewise clothing stores can be flanked by sweet shops. It’s a little less about uniformity and a lot more to do with how a particular shop makes a customer feel when they enter. Defining the atmosphere within a store can make all of the difference and after extensive research, it was discovered that up to 70% of customers will walk away from a shop if they don’t feel comfortable.

One of the most effective ways to make a potential customer feel at ease, is via the use of music. Background music for retail stores in particular can be hugely advantageous and as long as it’s relevant and entertaining, it’s estimated that up to 30% more sales can be achieved – as the customer will be compelled to stick around.

As you might imagine, this is a very important factor as far as businesses are concerned.

The power of music

People are exposed to sounds every single day. From the noise emitted by vehicles, all the way to taps running water – the more that we hear, the more comfortable that we become in our environments. The same can be said for a shop, especially one that is hoping to sell physical items to its customers.

Imagine for a moment what it feels like to be a customer. They may have travelled to your store by bus, or maybe they drove in their own car. In either event, they will either have been exposed to the noise of traffic, or music on the radio. As soon as they leave these environments, their subconscious will simply crave for more sound – and this is something that has been proven by research.

If the sounds they hear are unwelcoming and make them feel uncomfortable, they will undoubtedly want to walk away and find another source of comfort. So, what would happen if they come across your store and hear a playlist of tracks that appeal to them? The logical answer is that they will feel almost compelled to enter and look around.

The more enticing your music, the longer they will be willing to stay. Making sure that the tracks played are as fresh and relevant as possible can go even further – and studies have revealed that even customers that didn’t intend to buy anything will instead be happy to, simply down to the fact that the atmosphere of the shop has put them at ease.


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