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Our Thoughts on Shopping with The Blind Factory

After deciding to renovate our office, a local business owner pointed us in the direction of The Blind Factory (found at The company, as their name might suggest, specialise in blinds of all shapes and sizes and due to their locality, we decided to take a look at their website in the hopes of finding a suitable selection of shutters.

With a little deliberation, we decided to go for roller blinds – mainly due to their space saving features and affordable cost. We half expected to be faced with a selection of products to choose from, but to our delight – we were actually given the option to customise our blinds from the ground up. The size, shape, style and even the materials used were all options and we wanted to take full advantage of these benefits.

Planning our order

We really enjoyed just how personal The Blind Factory made our initial experience. Rather than visiting a regular website, finding a product and making a payment; we were given the option to discuss our needs with a friendly advisor. Without hesitation, we gave them a call and got through to a very polite young man who wanted to guide us through the ordering process there and then.

We took him up on his offer and gave our measurements, which he then calculated before presenting us with the very best materials for our needs. We mentioned to him that one of the blinds would hang over our small kitchen area – a spot prone to splashes and water in general and so he told us a little more about the water-resistant properties of a few materials in particular.

When we mentioned that we’d also like the colour to match the scheme of our office (blue and silver), we finally narrowed down our choices to two particular materials; both of which we’d come across before and already have great experiences with. These experiences didn’t relate to roller shutters however and so when we told the advisor, he offered to send us out a few free samples.

We ended our first phone call there and two days later, we have the samples ready to evaluate. We opted for a light blue plastic (PVC) as it was much stronger than we’d originally thought. So without hesitation, we then jumped back on to the phone to get in touch with the advisor again, but this time spoke to another one.

At first, it was a little off-putting as we’d already gone through so many details with our previous advisor, but once they’d made it clear that they had been forwarded our information ready for a call-back, we got straight back in to the order! Less than 15 minutes later, we had finalised the manufacture of a set of four blinds, all made to order and cut to size for us. When they arrived (which took just under a week), they were installed and being enjoyed within the space of a couple of hours.

Overall, our experience with this company was very enjoyable and one of our team are even planning on calling them back for a kitchen renovation project that she has coming up.

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